Designers & Managers

Designers & Managers, established in 2018 in United Arab Emirates and controlled by Hawk International FZ LLC, is a global company specialising in brand design, localisation and activation. We fuse creativity and management skills to deliver integrated solutions with scalability and agility. We work with the biggest and smallest brands on the planet. Our clients are the most important people in our world. We pair creativity with innovation to simplify their complexities and offer something new. We bring fresh ideas, we provide the added value.

Designers & Managers provides a network of essential and high quality services of design and management to support and enhance the luxury manufacturing industry. We provide a very high professional level of services across the whole supply chain as defined by best practices of major worldwide brands. Designers & Managers offers a network of very strong professionals able to start, develop and implement each division of manufacturing organizations.

We design products and services that connect with people making their lives better, easier, simpler, more efficient, more intuitive, more profitable and more enjoyable. Delivering excellent design is always very hard but it’s an element forged in Designers & Managers culture since the start. It’s in our Designers and Managers and in all our processes.

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